​​​​​​​Pediatric Office


My early years started in K​uala Lumpur, the fascinating capital city of Malaysia. It is located in South East Asia, between Singapore and Thailand. I started medical school there and completed my medical education at the University of Alberta, Canada. After graduating medical school, I went back to Malaysia and completed an internship, then went on to the Lion City of Singapore (which is located due South) to specialize in pediatrics.

While in Malaysia between 2000 to 2002, I volunteered at a "free medical clinic" in a Buddhist Temple. I saw many patients that were very poor. Many of them came to see me barefoot and in torn cloths. I felt the compassion to help all these people who didn't have any healthcare. They were treated and given medication from our own pharmacy. In my personal opinion, here in the United States, the perception of healthcare is one of luxury and not a necessity. As long as you show up at our office, we will provide our best medical care possible.

Thereafter, my journey continued to Singapore (2002-2004) and was trained in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU), Pediatric surgery and Pediatric Emergency Room. During this time, I managed to volunteer in a medical mission to Indonesia which was organized by the Methodist Church. One memory from that experience was taking a boat in the middle of the night, to one of the remote islands of Indonesia and ran a "community medical clinic". This make shift medical clinic was actually a church which was built on stilts, just above the lake. With another doctor, we saw hundreds of patients a day until the wee hours of the morning.

My deepest desire is to do medical mission work all over the world. I came to the United States in 2004 to further my pediatric training in New York. I remember arriving at JFK airport in New York City with only 2 bags. After completing general pediatric residency at Nassau University Medical Center in Long Island - New York,I went on to do a Chief residency year in Neonatology at Bronx-Lebanon Hospital, Bronx - New York. I cared for premature babies from 23 weeks gestational age. Many of the babies have multiple medical and surgical problems related to prematurity. Some of them less than a pound and smaller than the palm of my hand! 

As a Neonatal Resuscitation Program Instructor, I conduct classes for nurses, respiratory therapist, physician assistants, etc. at El Centro Regional Medical Center every 3 months. In addition, I am trained to resuscitate preterm and full term babies. 

I went on to train at the prestigious Columbia-Presbyterian Hospital in New York (Morgan Stanley Children's Hospital) in Pediatric Gastroenterology and Liver transplantation Fellowship. Columbia University in Manhattan, New York is the first medical school in the United States (founded in 1767) and was called "King's College". This is where my medical skills were furthered, to take better care of babies and children with multiple gastroenterology and liver ailments. I also cared for patients with liver and multiple solid organ transplantation.

My path continued North Easterly towards Maine and worked at the largest privately owned pediatric practice in the state for almost three years, before arriving in Imperial Valley, California.

Upon my arrival here in 2012, it was apparent that Imperial Valley was medically under-served and missing appropriate healthcare. Many patients have conveyed the difficulties of seeking medical assistance and lacking proper healthcare. Thus, the main reason for me to open my pediatric clinic is to provide medical assistance to the community. This is in response to the encouragement from my numerous patients, which made me resolute to opening my own pediatric practice.

We will attend to every WALK-IN, assist any needy medical patient. As long as you show up at our door, we will see you!

Our team includes my wife, Mrs. Lucina Loo, who is the office manager and has over sixteen years of experience as a certified medical assistant. She will over see management duties and ensure our patients are well taken care of. Greeting all patients are two qualified receptionists and a certified medical assistant will be supporting me.

In certain circumstances, patients who require additional medical treatment shall be referred to El Centro Regional Medical Center or Rady's Children's Hospital, San Diego - for further medical/surgical treatment.